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Crissys CLOUD is an IT & C company that offers a full range of personalized software development services, servers, CLOUD Computing, development of accounting applications, IT&C and web resources, for a wide range of business areas.

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CLOUD • Accounting & Software Development

Accounting, Human Resources, Expertise and Audit Solutions, Software Development, Integrator of Accounting Applications and CLOUD Services

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Accounting Software Development

We make accounting as simple as possible. Here you can do what you do best - accounting. We build custom applications/modules for you that can be easily integrated with major accounting, payroll and enterprise software such as: Saga, SmartBill, WinMentor, CIEL, Merit, Sage and others.

CLOUD Accounting

CLOUD Accounting

We offer you the opportunity to work in the Cloud from any location in the world, for accounting, expertise and audit applications. Service's such as SAGA CLOUD, WinMentor CLOUD, CIEL CLOUD are fully integrated and secured in our private CLOUD Computing System, with daily data saving.

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If you looking for some useful informations about financial, human resources, accounting or documents, you can find it here. This is section where you can ask for your demand and we will help you soon as possible. Many request from others will post and remain here for your help forever.

Looking Accountant in your region?

Looking for an Accountant in your region?

In our catalog you will find the list of companies or authorized persons that offer accounting services, expertise, financial audit, human resources, displayed in a list by regions, including a short description and their contact details.
Don't hesitate to contact them.

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